Quatuor Béla

“This French quartet, established in 2006, composed of Frédéric Aurier and Julien Dieudegard on violin, Julian Boutin on alto, and Luc Dedreuil on cello impose themselves a purity of sound, depth of interpretation and fineness to detail from the first notes. They reproduce perfectly deaf and tragic agony of Bartók. They play with a virtuosity and penetrating intelligence of the minute acrobatics of Ligeti without ever losing sight of emotion. The ensemble’s cohesion, their ability to sculpt sounds to the limits of hearing (we are reminded of this movement that the second quartet of Ligeti offers) makes these Belas one of the premiere French chamber groups today.”
Patrick De Maria, July 2013
“Bela Quartet, a young group from Lyon, is likes to cultivate a panoramic approach to music. For example, witnessing their collaborations with Albert Marcoeur but also the manner, simplified and outstandingly sensitive at the same time, they approach a scholarly contemporary repertoire.”
David Sanson, Mouvement, May 2009


Next venues

  • Saturday 2 September 2017
  • Festival Les Baignades Interdites, ancienne piscine de Rivières, au bord du Tarn