Schubert | D’Adamo, with Noémi Boutin

Quintet for shadows and cello

” For more than a thousand years sad Ophelia

Has passed, a white phantom, down the long black river”

Quatuor Béla invites stunning cellist Noémi Boutin for a tenebrous creation.

French-Argentinian composer Daniel D’Adamo writes to sublime and crepuscular Franz Schubert’ String Quintet a preamble for the five musicians. The timeless theme of this new piece is the young woman, mortally attracted to water, such as Shakespeare’s Ophelia or ancient Persephone.

Quatuor Béla’s musicians, hidden and invisible to the public, are the dormant water, dangerous mirror of the young woman’s beauty.

Noémi Boutin, alone on stage, is the young woman, enebriated victim of her own reflection and flow’s fatal snares.

Daniel D’Adamo’s accomplished art of writing serves the seductive and lethal sounds of this instrumental melodrama.


  • Daniel D’ADAMO
    Sur vestiges, string quintet
    Ordered by La Belle Saison
    With the support of ProQuartet – European Center of Chamber Music
  • Franz SCHUBERT
    String quintet in C major

QBéla_Photo_La Jeune Femme et la Mort_Hervé Frichet

Artistic team

Le Quatuor Béla 
Julien Dieudegard & Frédéric Aurier, violins
Julian Boutin, viola
Luc Dedreuil, cello 

& Noémi Boutin, cello 

Hervé Frichet, picture, scenography, lighting design
Éloïse Simonis, designer


Producted by La Belle Saison,
delegated production to Association L’Oreille droite – Quatuor Béa
coproduction Théâtre de Coulommiers, Cie Frotter | Frapper,
with the support of Région Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, ProQuartet, SPEDIDAM, the reception of Lyon CNSMD and the host/artists-in-residence of Cube-Studio Théâtre – Hérisson.


Octobre 2018