Electric Lyric Suite

With Marc Ducret, guitar

The Lyric Suite, a captivating cornerstone of the Viennese avant-garde, is also a wordless love letter.

Alban Berg and Hanna Fuchs shared a forbidden love. This story, which for a long time had the whiff of a legend, has now become a certainty since Alban Berg’s letters to Hanna were found. Hanna never answered any of them, but she kept them dearly.

Without knowing that, we toyed with the idea of working on the Lyric Suite, the most sacred opus for quartet musicians. We very early felt like playing the Suite introducing a musical echo in the pauses separating its 6 movements.

Our unbounded admiration for the brilliant Marc Ducret, the identity of his favorite instrument, the electric guitar, and for his musical universe, made of composition, improvisation and free-jazz outbursts, induced us to choose him as our stage partner.

Besides, we recently became aware, while flipping through a book by accident, of the biographical discoveries about Alban and Hanna’s love. Therefore, all of a sudden, the possibility of considering the 6 movements of that daunting work as resonating messages in the silence of an impossible love and of offering them a sounding, vibrant answer appeared to us as the confirmation of a fortunate intuition…


Alban Berg, Marc Ducret


Marc Ducret, Quatuor Béla


november 23th 2020, Sons d’Automne Annecy Festival


Production : Association L’Oreille Droite / Quatuor Béla

with La Muse en Circuit, Grame-CNCM, Proquartet – centre européen de musique de chambre, Césaré-CNCM