Nuage au long cours : Feldman, 2d string quartet

… Bela Quartet presents Morton Feldman’s N°2 Quartet (about 5 hours in length) …

A magnificent, finely crafted like a Middle Eastern rug work that its composer obsesses over. A paradoxical work that develops the art of minimal composition for more than six hours without interruption.
A sonic haiku that traps itself by its own length.

An enormous cloud-quartet that appears immobile, floating in the sky. We watch it, fixated, to perceive any movement in vain. Then we lose sight of it for a moment, doze off, and the enormous elephant earlier now resembles a disappearing vapour trail.
In reality, its forms constantly move themselves under a false peacefulness.
Happy music that doesn’t get tired of itself.

Curiously, if this quartet seems simple at first listen, it’s writing is very complex in reality. Feldman nearly never resorts to strict repetition of the same pattern. The rhythms are for the most part uneven, the subdivisions strangely precise. The transitions happen through tiny and labyrinthine variations.

The undertaking seems calmly impossible in any regard. It arises as an attractive steep cliff to our interpreter’s imaginations.

We look forward to it.


- Quatuor a Cordes n-2 de Morton Feldman par le Quatuor Bela - - Blaise Adilon


March 5, 2014,
Opening of the Biennale Musique en Scène,
Musée d’Art Contemporain de Lyon

QBéla_Photo_Feldman_Blaise Adilon


Time lapse
Press cuts (PDF)
Photographs : Blaise Adilon