France, with Dutilleux, Pattar, Debussy

Born November 24th, 1969 in Dijon, the French composer Frédéric Pattar pays particular attention on the articulation between music, text, electronics, and visual representations. His music presents a highly contrasted language: always tense, without ceding but never refusing itself to a specific lyricism. It contains a genuine, dramatic intensity. The driving motors in Frédérick Pattar’s works, rhythmic fluctuations unfurling in successive waves heckling harmonic fabrics, create sonic perspectives that are just as predictable as they are surprising.

About the String Quartet no. 2,

commissioned by Q. Béla, with La Meije festival, Lubéron festival, and Sons d’Automne Festival

This quartet identifies itself in four parts that are characterized by the fact that the quartet’s instruments are each soloists, accompanied by the remaining trio each time.
The four soloists draw a zigzagging trajectory that goes from the highest pitches to the lowest notes.
All things being equal, I looked to create the most fluid discussion possible. This also means that each element stems from the others, as if each new event was already present in an endogenous way within that which preceded it. Yet throughout the work a three-note chord, do-sol-ré, the heights of open string, remains present. Appearing at the heart of the torrential harmonic flows, glissandi and microtones, this chord serves as an ever-present magnetic substrate throughout the piece. F. PATTAR

A faithful companionship links the Bela Quartet to the Dijon-based composer Frédéric Pattar (1969). His rough around the outlines piece establishes a subtle and equally inventive theater of sounds giving a soloist role to each member of the quartet. The con sordino tones evolve in untypical registers that produces a choreography of gestures and flexible sonic figures, which captivate the eyes as much as the ears. Nothing bores in this mise en scène pulled from strings, favoring a commitment and concentration from our four “actors” that force admiration. Michèle Tosi, Resmusica


As a Quartet

    • Frédéric PATTAR, String Quartet No. 2
    • Henri DUTILLEUX, Ainsi la Nuit
    • Claude DEBUSSY, String Quartet

As a Quintet

  • Frédéric PATTAR, String Quartet No. 2
  • Frédéric PATTAR & Lisa SAMUELS, Drink Me, for Cello and Voice, by Noémi BoutinCommissioned by Musiques Démesurées Festival
  • Franz SCHUBERT, Two Cello Quintet in C Major, with Noémi Boutin

QBela_Photo_Frederic Pattar


July 16th, 2015 at the Messiaen Festival in Pays de la Meije
July 21st, 2015 at the Luberon International String Quartet Festival


String Quartet No. 2 by Frédéric Pattar is a co-commission from the Messiaen Festival in Pays de la Meije, the Luberon International String Quartet Festival, Autumn Sounds Festival in Annecy, and Bela Quartet.


Extract of the string quartet no.2, recorded by CRR d’Annecy

Frédéric Pattar, by l’Instant Donné (SOUNDCLOUD)