Press revue

“The abandon with which the Bélas dig into their strings at the beginning of the First Quartet – just listen to them go ! – tells us we’re in for gutsy, soulful playing.”
Phillip Clark, Gramophone, March 2014

“Aeon’s audio is excellent. In fact, in engineering terms it arguably beats all competition. (…). In purely musical terms, the Quatuor Béla’s Ligeti ranks with the best – and perhaps even higher.”

Music Web International, January 2014

“The Béla Quartet has put enormous effort into these performances of Ligeti‘s string quartets, and the virtuoso performances are as fresh and vital as they are compelling.”
Blair Sanderson, All, January 2014 (about the Ligeti release)

“Named for the century’s greatest Hungarian, Bela Bartok, Quatuor Bela was formed specifically to play this music and the bleak, spartan intensity of their reading is completely convincing. Where the Casals Quartet smooth off the rough edges and angularities, Quatuor Bela hone them to razor sharpness. (…) For those with a particular interest in this music, these carefully researched and heartfelt performances will have special appeal.(…)”
A. F. (about the Ligeti release)